In August of 2018, The Utah Cheese Awards℠ will hold it’s second cheese plate-oriented, specialty food competition; judging Utah-made cheese, charcuterie, bread, honey, sauces, fruit, and chocolate.

A panel of three or more judges will rate each entry on a scale of 1 to 10. The judge’s scores for the category will be averaged to determine a gold, silver, and bronze (1st place, 2nd place, and 3rd place) for each category.

The highest score of all entries in both the cheese and rest of the plate divisions will be awarded a best of show designation. (Entries in categories with just one submission will be awarded a gold medal by default.) Winners will be notified by email. Awards will be presented and the results published by November 15, 2018


2018 Categories

A. Swiss and Alpine
B. Cheddar
C. Blue
D. Semi-hard
E. Hard Cheese Other
F. Adjuncts Interior (non-dairy ingredients included in the paste)
G. Adjuncts Exterior (cheese rubbed with non-dairy ingredients)
H. Curd (flavored and un-flavored)
I. Mozarella
J. Soft Cheese other
K. Sheep or Goat Milk
L. Vegetarian Rennet
M. Large Scale (companies producing over 100,000 pounds a year)
N. Home/Amateur Cheesemakers

O. Charcuterie
P. Breadstuffs (Bread or Crackers)
Q. Honey (or Honeycomb)
R. Sauces/Spreads – Sweet
S. Sauces/Spreads – Savory
T. Dried Fruit
U. Fresh Fruit
V. Nuts
W. Chocolate (bean to bar chocolate)

Full Call-for-Entries information and rules with available on this site May 1, 2018