Salt Lake City Corp helps fund cheesy experience at June festival.

Steven Ralph Jerman
1145 S 1300 E
Salt Lake City, UT 84105
(435) 213-5444


Salt Lake City Corp helps fund cheesy experience at June festival.

“It didn’t take me long to realize cheese needs no help.” said native Salt Lake City resident, Steve Jerman explaining the Salt Lake Cheese Festival to be held June 8 at The Garten, a new outdoor venue just north of downtown.

“When I organized the first Utah Cheese Awards Expofest, I was thinking of all kind of ways to improve the project; art, music, comedy and film. But by the end of the night it seemed that everybody just wanted to enjoy their cheese.” he continues, “With the second reception, we added micro-brews for pairing and tickets sold out, the house was packed and the formula was clear.”

The Salt Lake Cheese Festival festival will run June 8, 2019 – from 3:00 until 7:00, outdoors at 417 N 400 W just north of downtown Salt Lake City. Jerman chose a June date to contrast what the cheese awards schedule and to provide a foodie experience prior to the farmers market and to occur the same week as National Cheese Day (June 4.)

At the festival, entrants will receive cheese samples from around the world. They will be able to pair these with locally made cider coming next door from sponsor Mtn. West Hard Cider (which owns the venue) and the award-winning brews of RedRock brewing two doors down on 400 west, just west of Salt Lake’s Bohemian Marmalade Hills district.

“When I approached Salt Lake City’s economic development department they liked the idea of the Utah Cheese Awards but were naturally only set on helping businesses within the city.” said the 56-year-old graphic designer and entrepreneur. Later a former SLC councilman told him about the Arts and Culture Fund (ACE), which funds events that might not normally exist without their help.

In it’s third year, ACE saw a 33% increase in applications for 2019. Salt Lake Mayor Jacqueline M. Biskupski wrote “Our ACE committee spent hours sifting through applications and conducting interviews with dozens of organizations’ representatives, ensuring a thorough process and exposure to many programs. In the end, our ACE Fund grant recipients represent the best of Salt Lake City art, music, dance, food, and more. ”

In addition to cheese samples and beverage pairings, Jerman hopes to pull from his list of Utah Cheese Awards companies – which have included cheesemakers, bakers, preserves companies and chocolatiers – to exhibit and sell their products at the festival. Local cheesemakers and representatives will be invited to talk with attendees about the products being sampled.

Tickets are only $10 and will be available through as well as selected retail locations. VIP tickets will be $30 and include an individual charcuterie board curated from local producers.

Attendees must be 21 and over but Jerman hopes the Salt Lake Cheese Festival can be an annual event that will eventually be open to all ages. For more information contact the organizer at or call (435) 213-5444.

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