Utah Cheese Awards Writing Contest 2018.


For 2018, the Utah Cheese Awards is reaching out to cheese lovers. We want to hear how you feel about cheese and it’s place in your life, so we are starting a writing contest to memorialize the public’s feelings about this fine food.

Writers are asked to submit manuscripts based on the year’s theme. “For the Love of Cheese”. The work may be experiences, stories, prose, poetry, fiction or non-fiction of any form not to exceed 1,500 words.

A winner and runner-up will be chosen based on the creativity, impact, and memorability of the piece. The contest is open to writers of any age or skill level. Work should have been written in Utah up until the deadline date. Entries should be e-mailed to UtahCheeseAwards@gmail.com.

Winners will be published on our website UtahCheese.info and writers recognized at our yearly exhibition. Additionally a prize package – yet-to-be-determined – will be awarded to one winner and one runner-up. The deadline for submissions is July 31, 2018.


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