Press Release, April 21, 2017

Steven Ralph Jerman
Utah Cheese Awards
(435) 213-5444


Utah Cheese Awards launched to recognize Utah food and it’s makers.

May 1, 2017, SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH — It is older than written records, comes in over 2,000 varieties and is said to be as addictive as crack cocaine. The average american eats 23 pounds of it a year. Yet despite it’s abundance, cheese remains a romantic and mysterious food. One Utahn aims to find out why, and recognize the local people and products around this “sexy” substance.

Graphic Designer and impresario Steve Jerman thinks it’s time that Utah had it’s own Cheese Awards show. He is launching a 2017 competition to bring together the handfuls of Utah cheesemakers and dozens of other companies creating foods that make up a cheese plate.

Jerman had been interested in fine cheeses for nearly 20 years, but became more passionate about the subject after completing an internship at a small Cache Valley based creamery. “While graphic design has become less and less valuable I see fine food and beverages becoming more so.” said the fourth-generation Utahn. “As I sold cheese at a farmers market, I found out nearly everyone likes it and many people adore it. Most are not timid about trying new flavors. So I wondered what I could do to take advantage of these facts.”

While national and international cheese competitions are held each year, Jerman envisioned one in which smaller makers could have their products judged without the expenses normally involved. So this inaugural, year all qualifying makers will have a chance to enter free of charge.

Judging is scheduled for August and Jerman has assembled a diverse team of judges. Afterward he hopes to stage an event to reveal the awards and let the public sample the winning entries. He envisions an evening where the public can buy directly from makers and celebrate the magic of cheese and related foods.

The awards are sponsored in part by The Utah Dairy Council. For more information and to nominate a qualifying food business go to



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